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autonauta films

Autonauta Films is an emerging production company founded by Viana González. Initially based in Cuba, it has since expanded to Mexico. Our credits include the feature documentary BETWEEN DOG AND WOLF (Irene Gutiérrez, 20), premiered in Berlinale Forum and Critic’s Prize at Black Movie Géneve;  the short film THE FUGITIVES (Damián Sainz Edwards,21) premiered in Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse and the debut film FALLEN -supported by Ibermedia and the Cuban Film Fund and part of TFI Network, BrLab, European Film Market and Nuevas Miradas EICTV. Our goal is to produce and co-produce bold and provocative films with international potential.

viana gonzález delgado

Cuban producer graduated from the EICTV in Cuba-, is a Berlinale Talents, Tribeca and Eurodoc alumni. Among her credits are BETWEEN DOG AND WOLF (Irene Gutiérrez, 20) Premiered in Berlinale Forum; THE SHADOW OF THE DESERT (Juan Manuel Sepúlveda,20) premiered in Cinema du Réel and THE STILL LIFE OF HARLEY PROSPER (JM Sepúlveda,18) awarded in Visions du Réel. She is distributing THE FUGITIVES (Damián Sainz,21) a short film which is a character study of the debut film FALLEN. She currently resides between Cuba and México City.

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