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entre perro y lobo

a film by Irene Gutiérrez • documentary • Spain Cuba Colombia • 75 minutes • 2020

festivals & screenings


Immersed in the jungle of Sierra Maestra, three veterans of the Angolan War are reluctant to abandon the revolutionary spirit which brought them together as comrades over thirty years ago. Always on guard, they continue to train dressed in their old uniforms for and endless mission: a war game in where they still can feel respected, strong and, above all, spiritually young. They are the last Samurai of the Cuban Revolution.

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Best Spanish Film · RC SERVICE Award for Best Director

Gijon International Film Festival (2020)

Critics Award

Black Movie Film Festival (2021)

Best National Film Award

MiradasDoc International Documentary Film Festival

festivals & screenings

Berlinale Forum, 70th Berlinale, Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin. Germany (2020)
Shanghai International Film Festival. China (2020)
Bogota International Film Festival. Colombia (2020)
São Paulo International Film Festival. Brazil (2020)
La Serena International Film Festival. Chile (2020)
CinéMartinique Festival. Martinique (2020)
Hainan International Film Festival. (2020)
Gijon International Film Festival. Spain (2020)
Havana Festival of New Latin American Cinema. Cuba (2020)

Black Movie Film Festival. Switzerland (2021)
MiradasDoc International Documentary Film Festival. Spain (2021)
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria IFF. Spain (2021)
Lincoln Center – Neighboring Scenes: New Latin American Cinema. USA (2021)

cast & crew

Juan Bautista López (aka Estebita)
Miguel Soto
Alberto Santana

Director: Irene Gutiérrez
Screenplay: Irene Gutiérrez, Lisandra López
Cinematography: José Alayón
Editing: Cristóbal Fernández
Sound: Carlos García
Production: José Alayón, Marina Alberti, Viana González, Irene Gutiérrez, Carlos García, Mª Alejandra Mosquera
Production Companies: El Viaje Films, Autonauta Films, Blond Indian Films

Sales Enquiries: Bendita Film Sales

cast & crew
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